The MICE comes back again in its third year, and it comes full of innovating proposals, more consolidated, and with more quality than ever. Infantil Cinema grows up. Mostra Internacional de Cinema Educatiu, MICE’s third edition, organized by the cultural association Jordi el Mussol, comes this year with more energy than ever. Spring arrives making flowers grow up from the trees and it is because after two years building smiles in people’s faces, the MICE keeps promoting audiovisual and comunicative material to education, but always… [more]

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Media & Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Course, Abuja, Nigeria

MEDIA & INFORMATION LITERACY AND INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE COURSE (FEBRUARY 2015) While AFRICMIL has engaged students, youth and citizens overs the years on the impact and benefits of MIL, this is the first structured attempt to engage the MIL drivers in Nigeria. Last year, with the support of Holyhill Relief Foundation which runs a Volunteer Teachers project in secondary schools in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, AFRICMIL started discussion with two schools: Model Secondary School and Junior (Model) Secondary School in the Maitama District… [more]

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Delimiting Moral and Ethical Behavior in a Limitless Age

Remember who you are, where you’re from, and what you represent.” Louis Armstrong and Dave Brubeck wrote a version of this directive into the lyrics of their musical production The Real Ambassadors. Fans of the Arsenal Football Club attribute the quote to legendary midfielder David Rocastle. Alumnae of Camp Crestridge for Girls remember founding director Miss Arvine Bell offering this reminder every time they passed through the camp gates.

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The 10th Summit (ENDLESS YOUTH MEDIA CREATIVITY) will be held in Belgrade, Serbia (July 27th to August 7th 2015). The Summit will be focused on intercultural, innovative and interactive educational technologies, media and information literacy and the development of film, TV, radio and Internet tools for communication, cooperation and positive change in society. Our goal is to work on Media like tool for Conflict Resolution, to include as many young people as possible from the Western Balkans Region (especially from marginalized groups of young… [more]

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Danube Peace Boat

Knowledge and Education has zero value without IMPLEMENTATION! Share, Develop and Implement your knowledge, convert it in ACTION! Danube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E. Project INTERNATIONAL, INTERCULTURAL, INTERACTIVE, INCLUSIVE AND INNOVATIVE Traveling Festival, New International Media Pedagogy School and Training-Workshop on the Floating Classroom, European Understanding, Rapid Action (RapTION) in providing Opportunity for everybody to participate in development of the Intercultural Pedagogy and New, Digital, Multimedia Education! Our project has… [more]

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The Need for Introducing Media Education in our School Curriculum

A Paper Presented at the 2nd Catholic Media Summit on Education Held in Abuja, Nigeria, from the 28th to the 31st of October 2014 by Rev. Fr. Kuha INDYER, CSSp, Introduction All over the world, there is a growing need that media education be included in the school curriculum. Against this background, Australia has been the first country where media education has been made mandatory and part of schooling from kindergarten through twelfth grade (Quin and McMahon, 2001). In Asia, the Philippines has been the first country to integrate media… [more]

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Call for Papers: MILID Journal on Media Literacy and Social Inclusion

Scientific MILID Journal invites the academic community to submit papers that contribute to the use of the media and education objectives for social inclusion. This first issue of the journal receives articles that address the development of teaching methodologies to enhance the participation of socially disadvantaged groups in broadcasting, the use of new technologies and adult education. The MILID Journal is published jointly by the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain,… [more]

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Call for Chapters: Book Social Inclusion, Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue

UNESCO UNAoC Chair on Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue invites authors to submit proposals for chapters that will be part of the book “Social Inclusion and MILID : Disadvantaged Groups , Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue. Initiatives and International Experiences “, which will be published shortly. The book aims to showcase outstanding initiatives in the development of media literacy for pupils leaving school early and for minorities and adults who find themselves outside the labor market and the formal education… [more]

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How to accompany young people as they emerge and develop as speakers in communication systems.

This article by  Guillermo Orozco, México, was originally written for UNICEF Voices of Youth ( )   If anything currently distinguishes young lives, we would bet it be their positioning in the digital world.  A positioning that is both a cultural and communicational survival in a world full of inequalities, fragmented identities and social, political and economic differences.  The challenges that this offers for young people, and for those adults who accompany them, are many.  First of course one must… [more]

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US’s Oldest Media Literacy Organization Celebrates 60 Years; Honors Three

The National Telemedia Council, based in Madison Wisconsin, celebrated its 60th year on Friday November 8, 2013 by hosting a day-long series of discussions and presentations, culminating with the recognition of the annual Jessie McCanse Award. The Jessie McCanse Award, established in 1987, honors co-founder Jessie Hill McCanse for her lifelong dedication and leadership role in media literacy. In recognizing the example set by Mrs. McCanse, the award is given for individual contribution to the field of media literacy, over a long sustained… [more]

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