Toolkit Digital & Media Literacy Education – A Teacher’s Guide

Virtual Stages
Maria Ranieri

This toolkit, realized within the European Project Virtual Stages Against Violence (VSAV), represents how CESIE and the Partner organizations operate, locally and internationally, to promote cultural and educational development through the use of “non-formal “ education tools. The toolkit offers innovative and participatory methods to support, integrate and enrich the work carried out by educational institutions such as schools. In designing the VSAV project, we intended to use educational tools that aimed primarily to an active acquisition of skills and not just an acquisition of knowledge.

We chose to talk about young people with young people, to address the issue of new media through the media themselves, to approach traditional tools of communication, such as theater, to those offered by the latest-generation network, as Internet. We therefore made use, as educational tool, of the object itself that we intended to investigate, in order to disseminate the key message of the entire VSAV project: any object can be considered a dangerous weapon or an useful instrument, depending on the knowledge and awareness that we have while using it. The toolkit, according to the way of intervention tackled by CESIE and the other Partner organizations, is therefore a valuable complement to develop educational activities, that is raised more effective as being part of a creative, interactive and transversal learning experience.
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