ERIS Audience Survey – Ethiopia 2011

Electoral Reform International Services (ERIS)
David Ward and Selam Ayalew

This survey is based on interviews with adults above the age of 15 in 3,999 households across Ethiopia. The sampling methodology is based on a multi-stage random sample design to ensure full representation across all regions and key demographic groups. Sample districts were chosen to be representative of the geographic, ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the country. Fieldwork was conducted by ERIS and carried out using specially recruited enumerators during October and November 2010. The scope of this survey was nationwide, including both urban and rural Ethiopia. All nine regions and two city administrations were covered in the survey as listed in the box adjacent (further details on the sample are included in the annex). For the analysis data was weighted in line with the distribution of regions and centre type: urban/rural. This was based on population estimates in the 2007 Census. Households were selected randomly within each sample Woreda.
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